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Information for Service Providers


The following information is designed to help those who provide a court ordered activity service such as SPIPs or DVPPs, a Mediation Service, Child Contact Interventions or a Supported Contact Centre, or those who wish to access forms for observing contact.


  • National Commissioning Team Directory

    The 2017-18 commissioned services and court ordered activities are described and listed in the

    Commissioned Services Directory of Resources.  This includes the list of providers for all services.

  • Separating Parents Information Programme

    SPIPs are designed to help parents learn more about the challenges of post-separation parenting, including the effects on children of ongoing conflict. It also  aims to provide advice and support about how best to help children in this situation and enables parents to take steps towards their own solutions.

    Click on the link below to access trainer notes and slides; research on SPIPs; the SPIP handbook and other useful information.


  • Mediation

    To find a Family Mediation Assessment Provider in your area please follow the link below. Please note the information held through this link is independent of Cafcass and the National Commissioning Team:


  • Supported Contact Centres

    Supported Contact Centres offer local venues and facilities for Child Contact. These are voluntary organisations, and Cafcass will only refer to and work with centres that are accredited by the National Association of Child Contact Centres.

    Click on the link below to find out more on the suitability of supported contact and the Protocol for Referral of Families to Supported Child Contact Centres.


  • Face-to-face interpreter services for commissioned services

    Last June a national contract for face to face interpreter services was awarded to 'Thebigword Interpreting Services' by Cafcass.  Within this agreement a section was included to allow our partnership organisations access to the same pricing and terms and conditions currently enjoyed by Cafcass.

    Click on the link below to find out more about accessing this service.

  • Domestic Violence Perpertrator Programmes

    Click on the link below to find out more about Domestic Violence Perpertrator Programmes.

  • Child Contact Interventions

    Click on the link below for more information about Child Contact Interventions.

  • Meet the Cafcass National Commissioning Team (NCT)

    Click on the link below to meet the Cafcass National Commissioning Team (NCT)

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