Putting children and young people first in the family courts


Our Performance

The demand for our services in 2015-16


Children in Cases

In 2015-16, we worked with 116,104 children and young people across England.  Of these, 82,925 children were referred to us in new cases. Most children and young people we worked with were under 10 years old.

Of the children referred to us in new cases, where the gender and date of birth were known, 42,393 were male (51%) and 40,362 were female (49%).

Additionally, we support many more children and families through the work we commission from contact centres around the country.


Public Law

In public law, we work with children and young people who are the subject of a care application or other intervention by a local authority. The vast majority of our public law work involves local authority care applications.

Cafcass received 12,741 new care (s31) applications during 2015-2016, 14.2% higher than the previous year. 


Private Law

In private law we work with children and young people whose parents are divorcing, separating or who do not live together and who cannot agree arrangements for their children. In 2015-16 we received 37,649 private law cases.


You can find out more about our performance in our 2015 - 2016 Annual Report and accounts





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