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Accessibility Options


Changing the text display colours

The following settings have been added to the site to provide better accessibility to all users, these settings will only be saved for this visit. Please click on the remember settings button to save the settings for future visits.


Change the default font size
The Cafcass website has a standard text size of around 9 pt. Use on the buttons below to change the size of the text, the default setting is small.
Small font size
Medium font size
Large font size

Choose a colour scheme
Choose one of the options below to change the colour scheme or go back to the standard colour setting.

  This option will leave a cookie on your computer for each accessibility option, so we can make sure you get the same settings next time you visit us.


Changing the text size in your browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Mozilla/ Firefox



Access keys

To help you navigate around the site without a mouse, a system of shortcuts to main areas of the site – accesskeys – is in place. These follow the government's standard for accesskeys, with a few additions that are specific to Cafcass.


Access Key     Description
3About Cafcass
7Leaflets & resources
8Cafcass Careers
9Contact Us

Using access keys in common browsers

Internet Explorer

  • Hold [ALT] and press the access key
  • Press enter


  • Hold [SHIFT] and [ALT] and press the access key


  • Hold [SHIFT] and press [ESC] Press the access key


  • Hold [CONTROL] and press the access key
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