Putting children and young people first in the family courts


Welcome to the blog of Anthony Douglas, Chief Executive of Cafcass. Anthony will be blogging each month, sharing news from Cafcass and talking about the family justice system at large.

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How do we better understand the cues and clues to assess emotional harm and ensure children’s recovery?

The prevalence of emotional harm is rising faster than any other type of abuse*. This is as much about greater recognition and an understanding that emotional scarring takes the longest to heal.
Written by Chief Executive Anthony Douglas at 00:00

Children’s mental wellbeing must always remain at the forefront of our work

If we can, we want to improve children’s wellbeing and to understand how best this can be achieved for every child we work with. Sometimes, this is by changes to the legal framework in the child’s family or in the parameters of state care, but more usually it is about attempting to change, influence or regulate the relationships in the child’s world.
Written by Chief Executive Anthony Douglas at 00:00


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