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Welcome to the blog of Anthony Douglas, Chief Executive of Cafcass. Anthony will be blogging each month, sharing news from Cafcass and talking about the family justice system at large.

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Keeping the family alive, even if they can no longer be together

This is an exciting time for us as we start to expand our pre-court dispute resolution role in private law cases. Supported by the Ministry of Justice, we are strengthening our pre-court interventions in Newcastle, York, Scarborough, Bristol, Norfolk and Kent, aiming to divert cases from court by supporting parents to establish a line of communication again about their child or children
Written by Chief Executive Anthony Douglas at 09:00

Updating the Private Law Programme

For Cafcass, private law and public law are equally important. Children in both types of case have an equal right to our help. Having spent considerable time over the last year reviewing the public law framework, we have now turned our attention to private law. Along with our partner agencies, we are updating the 2010 Private Law Programme in the run-up to new legislation next year.
Written by Chief Executive Anthony Douglas at 00:00
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