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Kerrie Boden, Business Services Team Leader

"I commenced employment with Cafcass in 2010 as an agency admin assistant and over 2 years I progressed to a senior admin role, which I have been fulfilling for the last 4 years. More recently I was appointed to the new role of Business Services Team Leader for Cheshire, Merseyside and Lancashire. I also work closely with my fellow Team Leader in the North East and we prove cover for the whole Business Service Area in each other’s absence.

Summer guardianAs Business Services Team Leader I provide line management for Business Services teams in my areas and ensure policies and processes are complied with. I am responsible for areas such as data security and health and safety in the offices I manage. Other tasks include providing support and performance information to Service Managers and ensuring Business Services meet the practice needs. 

Working for Cafcass enables constant development. Each day faces new challenges as an administrator, whether it be a change in process, increase in workload or a new task not completed before. Long term there are development opportunities to progress within your career in Cafcass and ongoing training. There is a constant learning curve, no matter how long you have worked for Cafcass.

The Business Services role is so much more than any other administration job. The amount of knowledge a Cafcass Administrator requires and gains is high, and we must never lose focus of the fact that every piece of paper or data we see relates to a child or family.

Whilst my role can be very demanding I always receive support from management and staff across the organisation. My Business Service Manager liaises with me daily and is always willing to offer professional or personal support; and of course the support I receive from my Business Services Team is a constant!

You will find that everyone in Cafcass is willing to offer support to each other. Also nationally, Cafcass as a whole strives to ensure its employees are supported using initiatives such as the Employee Assistance Program, and in more recent years, the implementation of the Health and Wellbeing service."

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