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Sarah Smith, Business Support in Brighton

“I currently work as an administrative officer, based in the sunny Brighton office. Since joining as a temporary administrative assistant one year ago, I have become an employed member of staff gradually taking on more responsibility as appropriate to the role.

My daily workload is often varied and I have developed a diverse range of transferrable skills. My tasks include understanding the needs of service users and liaising with them both on the phone and in person at the office; ensuring that reports are filed on time; liaising with the courts and other Cafcass offices. I enjoy the challenges that I am faced with every day here at Cafcass.Children's Guardian

For me, the most enjoyable part of the job is the sense of team spirit we have here. Practitioners and business support staff come together at every possible juncture to ensure that every aspect of the work we do is completed efficiently and successfully.”


Susan Langley, Business Support in Durham

“Whilst being an administrator within Cafcass isn’t easy, it is definitely a rewarding position. The role is varied and no two days are ever the same. If you are looking for an interesting job that offers development and training then you should consider a career at Cafcass.

I started working for Cafcass as an administrator 11 years ago and have since been promoted to an enhanced administrator. I have seen positive changes during my time in Cafcass and have encountered many challenges.

I have achieved a great deal whilst working for Cafcass. I have gained a lot of insight into the family law proceedings world and how agencies work together to promote the welfare of children. It can be challenging working with children and families when they are going through such an emotional time, but the reward is being able to make a contribution to positive outcomes in their lives.”

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