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Cafcass Care and Private Law Demand Statistics

Cafcass releases statistics showing the number of care proceeding applications made by local authorities where Cafcass has been appointed by the court to represent the interests of children, and statistics showing the number of cases where the court has asked Cafcass to carry out work in private law cases.

Cafcass care and private law demand statistics are published on the eighth working day of each month.

Note: Figures are provided from our national databases, the current electronic case management system (ECMS) and historical case management system (CMS). In private law the unit of measurement is a case (note a case can involve multiple children and multiple application types) and in public law the unit of measurement is a s31 care application. These are counted upon receipt of the application from the Court and entry into the database. The ECMS is a live system and any late entries will be accounted for upon the release of subsequent updates to this data.

Media enquiries about the care or private law statistics should be directed to Marc Ridley on marc.ridley@cafcass.gsi.gov.uk or 07768796484.

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